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About Us

At JWJ Consulting our goal is to help organizations and individuals create and maintain a professional and healthy work environment. Our education and training services encourage organizations to be proactive in preventing harassment of any kind in the workplace. If complaints or accusations have been filed, we can provide thorough and unbiased investigations into workplace harassment accusations within the organization.

We believe that your organization deserves the highest level of professionalism, privacy and confidentiality we can provide. We are trained on how to properly handle and protect highly sensitive information. Therefore, in addition to maintaining strict confidentiality while working with your organization, we will also sign a non-disclosure agreement to protect your sensitive information in the future.

Our Services

We have many years of experience providing training, consulting, and investigative services for employers as well as for legal proceedings. To help you deal with, and hopefully to prevent issues of disrespect and harassment in your organization’s workplace, our core services include the following:

1. Investigations
If an accusation of harassment has been made, we will carry out a thorough investigation to identify any forms of harassment that may exist in the workplace, including bullying, disrespectful workplace, or situations where an employee abuses their authority.

The investigation process involves visiting workplaces to observe and interview both employees and managers. We advise upper management on any workplace issues that concern us and the investigation concludes with a report of our findings and recommendations to help you resolve your workplace issues.  

2. Consulting
Our consulting services typically involve completing a workplace assessment to verify if the organization is meeting the legislative requirements with respect to preventing and dealing with harassment in the workplace. We also provide professional opinions on a per case basis.

3. Management Training
We offer training to management to enable them to define and identify situations which could lead to harassment. Identifying any minor instances of unhealthy behaviours early on allows them to act before harassment issues become a serious problem.  

4. Employee Training
We offer training to employees on the identification and prevention of harassment that meets current legislative requirements. By making sure employees understand what types of behaviours are inappropriate, they can be mindful of this in their day to day interactions in the workplace. Such training can prevent disrespectful and harassing behavior before it happens. This also prevents losses of productivity that can occur in unhealthy work environments, as well as avoiding costly investigations and lawsuits.

Our Qualifications

The owner / operator of JWJ Consulting is Jesse Wilkins and he draws on the following knowledge, skills, and experiences to help your organization deal with issues of harassment: